The Show

Welcome to the show. Freshman year is an interesting time in life. As it comes to a close, I look back at all of the great experiences I have had, the people I have met, and the lessons I have learned.

Never again in my life will I be forced to live in a giant house with 400 other kids my age who are desperately trying to drunkenly fondle as many people as possible. Not often does the chance arise to restart, and being who I am is quite refreshing. And rarely is one given the opportunity to meet brand new people and create new connections as I have this year. 

One of the most notable experiences has been Program Council. Without them, my college experience would be a lot less meaningful and a lot more dull. What began as me putting up posters for shows turned into an internship, production job, and more notable job offers. The people in it are not only good at what they do on the job, but also wonderful people who work well in a team. If there’s one thing I miss from home, it’s soccer, and Program Council is a similarly tight-knit team that entertains people through musical performance rather than sports. 

Putting on Macklemore with PC helped me realize that this is where I want to be, and that I’m meant to be with these people. The show went incredibly smoothly, and most people had an awesome time. As I stood shoulder-to-shoulder with my PC friends and looked across Balch from the balcony, an overwhelming sense of happiness rushed over me. Together, we had sold out a show in the biggest concert venue in Boulder, and made a lot of people ecstatic. There were 4,000 students, kids, parents, and cops raising their hands in the air, screaming Macklemore’s name, and I couldn’t help but be proud of everyone I work with and everything I’d done to help make that happen.  

Needless to say, as my freshman year winds to an end, I will look back upon the days with glee. I made mistakes, met people who I genuinely connect with, and, for one of the few times in my life, feel as though I belong and that I am doing something important. Thanks for a great first year CU, I’m sure the next will be just as incredible.